Keep your stairs in good repair or else!

Gosh, things were tough in Chester in 1604.  I was browsing thru some court archives this week at the Cheshire Archives and Local Studies and these caught my eye.

27th Nov. 1604. Presentment by Jury.
For not coming to the church: Hamnet Benit, tanner, John Whitbees wife, innholder.

For making malt being not free: Mr. Marmeduk Whimchurch, foreigner, Mr. Thomas Harper, attorney in the Exchequer, Widow Edgerton in the Northgate Street.

In Bridgstreet: John Granooe, sherman, for the stairs belonging to his house being broken.

Mr. Roger Horlstone’s stairs next to John Granooe’s also broken.

John Rigmaiden for his cart standing in Copings lane.

Mr. Midelton, Mr. Casse and Thomas Lynicar for their stairs wanting rails on the one side.

John Lea’s stair want rails on both sides.

Mr. Robart Fletcher’s stairs are not railed.
In Commonhale lane
Salomon Smith for letting dung lie at his stable side without in the lane.
Thomas Fletcher, Alderman, for the same.
John Doole, butcher, for the like offence.

Mr. Richard Rathborne for leaving his cart in the lane so that people may take harm at night.

Tho. Woods for suffering dirt to lie against his stable.

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One Response to Keep your stairs in good repair or else!

  1. Alona Tester says:

    Wow, what it’s amazing they were brought before a jury for back then!! Great find.


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