Emigration with the Salvation Army

My father came to Australia in the 1920’s under the umbrella of the “Salvation Army Lads”. I’ve often wondered how a lad of 17 years from a big mill town in Cheshire found his way to Australia without his family. I’ve recently been in contact with the International Heritage Centre for the Salvation Army in London and they have sent me a couple of interesting booklets from that period advertising the emigration services of the Army. The Army had been sending people from the UK to Australia, Canada and New Zealand in great numbers since 1905 and apparently had a large organisation around the world dedicated to this work.

Under the heading of “Square Dinkum Opportunities” there is the following –
“Come over and give us a hand in this sunlit white man’s country. There’s room for you – thousands of you and we want clean British lads brim full of pluck and adaptability”

As they say the past is another country.

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One Response to Emigration with the Salvation Army

  1. cassmob says:

    It was indeed a different country as you say. It made me think of my friend whose father was with the Salvos but they came over later.


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