Henley Beach Swimming Pool

State Library of South Australia (B23586)

State Library of South Australia (B23586)

This was an important part of my childhood. It was built out from the Esplanade onto the beach near the Henley jetty. Given it’s location, it’s not surprising that it was filled with seawater.
It’s hard to imagine a pool in that setting now as the area has gone upmarket and is surrounded by several cafes, restaurants and expensive houses.
I went to Learn to Swim lessons there for a fortnight every January for a number of years. Even though I never learned to put my face in the water, I still managed to attain most of the swimming certificates offered.
The highlight of swimming there was undoubtedly the small kiosk which sold the famous “Bush biscuits” with butter on them. I don’t know if this was only available in SA. It was a very large plain (not particularly sweet) biscuit perhaps about 10cm x 6cm. Or perhaps that’s just how big it seemed to a child?
But it was perfect after swimming to fill up on before walking some distance to the bus and then walking again from the bus to our house. There was no such thing as getting lift from your father (my mother never learned to drive which was a common occurrence).  We were all very independent and made our own way day or night.


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