TROVE Tuesday – Australia Day

australia-1296727__340After watching the Australia Day celebrations last week, I started thinking about how Australia Day was celebrated in the past.  I didn’t remember any great fuss during my earlier years so I decided to consult TROVE to see how it was reported in 1950.




Mr Menzies might be surprised at how many flag and flag products are available now. Just check out the shopping catalogues that end up in our letter boxes every week.





1950 ‘”Celebrate Australia Day With Flags”‘, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 – 1954), 26 January, p. 2. , viewed 31 Jan 2017,




Bordertown, S.A. 

I see that the Post Offices were open for 1 hour in the morning. It seems tennis matches were the main way of celebrating Australia Day in the towns around Bordertown.

1950 ‘PUBLIC HOLIDAY NEXT MONDAY’, Border Chronicle (Bordertown, SA : 1908 – 1950), 26 January, p. 1. , viewed 31 Jan 2017,




A very different Australia Day programme to the celebrations in 2017.


1950 ‘RADIO ROUNDABOUT’, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 – 1954), 28 January, p. 5. , viewed 31 Jan 2017,
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