2018 The Year of the Scanner

I don’t normally bother about New Year’s resolutions as I’ve never successfully completed them.  I find life tends to get in the way.

However, as I’ve had some time after a wonderful Xmas/New Year with the extended family, I’ve been doing some belated data entry and filing.  As a result, I realised that I can’t put off any longer a task I’ve been delaying for years.  I have to start SCANNING, Yes, scanning.  I do have 2 scanners so it’s not for lack of equipment but more the lack of determination and “stickability” as it is such a boring task.  I love researching and trying to work which resources to use to solve problems.  I love finding further info about people but the basic work bores me to tears – hence my lack of success in the scanning dept.

Like many people, I started this passion for my family’s history back in the mid 1980’s when you had to write away for certificates, visit interstate libraries to look at old newspapers (gosh, I do so appreciate TROVE – not only cos it is online but because it is indexed), visit interstate archives, BMD offices and go regularly to your own genealogy society and the local Mormon research centre.  These last two were great places to meet other people who shared your passion who were happy to offer help.  People starting now have many advantages but I miss those places.  They were very hectic on a weekend, I can tell you.


So as a result, I have several lever arch files full of certificates that I have purchased over the decades that I need to scan.  I always feel nervous when I go on holidays in case we have a fire but so far, it has been needless worry.  Of course, I also have many photos and slides to finish scanning too.

I have designed up a simple spreadsheet to track records as I scan them so I don’t waste time scanning them twice.  It looks a bit overwhelming but I’ll just plug away at it during the year.  I’ve also decided that it would be a good time to listen to my favourite genealogy podcast, The Genealogy Guys and their second one, Genealogy Connection while I’m working.

How do you handle the backlog of scanning?

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5 Responses to 2018 The Year of the Scanner

  1. Jenny MacKay says:

    It’s a big job, but worth doing. I tick each of my documents as I’m scanning them in the top right corner with a pencil, just faint enough so I can see it. Saves me wondering if I’ve done that document as I didn’t always stay with the same family file. You know what it’s like, one thing leads to another 🙂


  2. Berniece E Quinn says:

    I recently completed the project of indexing and filing my family history documents by family line, type of document and chronologically. The logical next step would be to scan them. Very timely suggestion. Thanks.

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  3. GeniAus says:

    I still have a backlog for ephemeral stuff. I scan new things as they some my way and then make a decision as to whether I should shred and toss or save the hard copy. All my certificates and vital stuff are scanned. I bit the bullet, pulled them all out of their binders and scanned them over a couple of days. I just had two piles “To be scanned” and “Scanned”. I filed the scanned copies into their digital folders immediately. The hard copies are still in no particular order in an acid free box. Perhaps I should put them in some sort of order!


  4. luvviealex says:

    Oh Jenni – I hear you. I wish I had some solutions to offer. It is a never-ending (and never-beginning) task for me most of the time. It’s dreadful this stickability stuff isn’t it?


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