About Jenni

I started this wonderful and fascinating passion back in the late 1980’s in South Australia. This was the era when you wrote lots of letters, visited libraries and your genealogical society regularly and travelled to interstate repositories to do your research.

At this stage, my blog is going to be about quirky and interesting things that pique my interest (and hopefully yours too) during my research.

As a retired librarian, I am enjoying having more time to pursue 2 of my passions – researching our family history and reading.  I particularly love crime novels and wonder if that love of finding out who did it and the interest in searching for the next bit of information to flesh out my ancestors’ lives are related.

In the early years, I remember travelling to Melbourne by bus and trudging around the city from library to library.  There are times now when I pinch myself at how accessible some records have become.

This is my first attempt to blog, so please be patient as I learn the ropes. I was inspired to start blogging after hearing about and reading the blogs by a number of the speakers on the Feb UTP Genealogy cruise.


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